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Rabbit hunting is widely done in our country. Rabbits are known for running fast and live in tall grass and bushes.

The difficulty of the hunt varies depending on the terrain. In densely bushy terrain, it is often not possible to even shoot. Fast running is their greatest weapon. Because their hind legs are long, they run much faster, especially on slopes. It is a hunt that requires patience and may require long walks. That’s why the most important item in rabbit hunting is a good boat.

Efficient hunting can be done with a good dog. Not having a dog is definitely a disadvantage. Because you never know when and where the prey will come from, it may suddenly jump out from you in an absent-minded moment.

If the land consists of dense bushes, you will see your prey for a moment and lose sight of it.


A 12 gauge rifle will be suitable for this hunt. 66 – 71 barrel rifles may be preferred. Rifle selection may vary depending on the hunter’s preference.

If our rifle is choked, 3 – 1 choke may be preferred.


Numbers 4 – 5 – 6 can be preferred as the nonsense number.

The gram of pellets in semi-automatic rifles is 32 grams in normal weather and 34 – 36 grams in harsh weather.

For superposed and shotguns, 28 grams can be preferred in normal weather and 32 grams in harsh weather.

My personal choice for rabbit hunting is 28 gr number 6 in normal weather and 32 gr number 6 in cold weather. My choice of rifle is Superposed.

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